Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Not much has really happened lately, well not anything worth writing about. I’m back into the routine of working and as the colder weather approaches so do the busy hours. All the groups have returned and when I’m not home I’m usually here. I’m not going to complain either. Well not yet anyway. I’ll give it until the nasty bitter cold winter nights are here and then you’ll hear me bitch, but until then, all is good.

Things seem to be on an even keel at work since one co-worker has yet to come back. It’s good not having to control the muttering of ones words quietly under ones breath as a certain person complains and bitches about every little thing. Hopefully she has finally decided that it was time for her to move onto the next stage in her life. Our Supervisor finally got around to the dreaded “Job Evaluations” and low and behold I had an excellent one. Usually there was something she said that I needed to improve on and even though I have always done the best that I could it was never good enough. Over the years I was constantly compared to others and that pissed me off a lot. This time as she talked to me she did say she was impressed with my work ethics and that I have come a long way. She said she was very pleased at the way I have grown within my duties and that she knows I will continue to do so. The funny thing is, I haven’t changed anything. I am still me and even my co-worker would agree, there is nothing different about my work ethics. I really was impressed when she noted that I have a good rapport with all the user groups. I guess the customer service smile really does pay off!

Time seems to have just flown by. Here it is almost mid October; I’m sitting here at work, looking out the office window and seeing all the trees that where filled with green leaves 3 weeks ago have now turned to brown, red, orange and yellow. Our back yard is usually covered in early morning sun, but this morning, even the sun didn’t keep the frost off the grass. Yes fall is really here.

This morning before heading off to work, I stuffed my turkey and set it in the oven to start cooking while I do the customer smile thing down at the Centre for a few hours. I know I’ll come home to a house full of the wonderful aroma of turkey cooking. All the kids will be here this year and that’s a really nice feeling. This year I was able to escape the “Out-Law’s” coming to dinner. I have no idea why the “God of Sanity” spared me this year, but hells bells I owe her big time and will be secretly smiling and giving thanks for this years reprieve.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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Tina said...

Hope you had a good day! And your turkey dinner was better than mine...last time I will leave others in charge lol.