Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

I hope everyone in Canada enjoyed the first unofficial long weekend of the summer. For those that are not familiar with Canadian holidays it was our Victoria Day weekend, better known as May 2 4 weekend. It’s actually dedicated to Queen Victoria to celebrate her Birthday. For Canadians she is the queen that started Canada on its road to independence. She gave permission to four British provinces in North America to form a confederation in 1867, creating the Dominion of Canada. This established a federal government in Canada with a House of Commons, a senate, and a justice system. The documents approved by Victoria remained in use until Canada ratified its own constitution in 1982.

The weather was absolutely fantastic adding just the perfect touch to the long weekend. I had a wonderful long overdue visit on Saturday with a dear friend and boy did we have a lot to catch up on. About 10 months ago my friend suffered a stroke that left her with some very extreme muscle debilitations as well as affecting her speech. It took so much out of her but she came back fighting and has started to make the most out of her life. To me, she is a very courageous woman and the strength and will inside her is just amazing. We sat for hours just catching up on the years gone by and how much fun we used to have when we were neighbours. She’s in town for a week staying with her son and we have already made plans to have another visit before she goes back home.

Another dear friend has ventured south from her northern home for some long overdue visits with her friends and family. She too is hopefully spending a week in town and I know when we visit with each other, the laughs, giggles and a weeeeeeee bit of gossip will keep us busy for a long time. Oh how I look forward to her visits because it doesn’t matter how much time goes by before we see each other there is never a dull moment happening. Look out Port Dover…here we come! Just picture the famous duo of Thelma and Louise and that’ll be us!!

Have a great week everyone!


JoJo said...

Glad you had a nice Victoria Day weekend and visit with your friend!

Anonymous said...

This post has made me realize that I am neglecting my social life. It's been ages since I've had a good laugh.

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