Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Worday...blahhhhhhhhh!

9:00am Saturday morning. The sun is shinning but it’s deceiving as heck when one walks out the door of a warm house and feels the bite of the cold slip into every crack and cervix of your body. A quick stop at Tim Horton’s, then on to the gas station to pay an obscene amount of money to fill the bloody gas tank and then onwards to the place that summons me out into a cold morning, a place that’s called work.

9:30am: Unlocked, unhinged and flicked on the lights to welcome people into the building. After turning the office heater on high, taking off my coat and rushing to the bathroom (since the cold didn’t seem to freeze my plumbing) I am able to sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet as I warm my old bones preparing myself for the on slot of screaming children and sometimes weary and frustrated parents.

10:15am: All seems ok. No crying can be heard above the screams of children having fun in the gym, but I’m still cold. Looks at the clock and takes a big breath. Only 5 more hours to go.

10:50am: The first group of children are leaving as the second groups starts to file in. One down 2 more soccer groups to go and then 1 hockey rental.

11:00am: Second soccer group just settled in and the screaming has started again. Glances once more at the clock. Only 4 more hours to go. The heater finally has warmed the office up but damn it my feet are still cold!

11:50am: Second group of children starting to vacate the building A few tears and screams coming from a child who thinks he was being picked on because he never had a chance to score a goal. Third and final group of children starting to file in. A few parents stopped in to say hello and even a hug from one child’s guardian. Glances at the clock, only 3 more hours to go.

11:25am: The final group of soccer children is really small and they are a bit older than the first 2 classes, so there is no screaming or crying. A few complaints from one child saying he needs faster shoes because he can’t keep up with the ball.

12:50pm: Soccer is done for the day! Yeeehaww!!. Hockey guys are standing in the hallway waiting patiently to be given access to the gym. It’s a very poor turn out so they will probably be ending sooner then scheduled. Glances at the clock, takes in a happy breath, only 2 more hours to go, and yes, my feet are still frigging cold.

1:30pm: Hockey team is settled into the gym and the sounds of deep male voices hollering mixes in with the smacking of wooden hockey against the cement floor. I do have to admit that I’m feeling a lot better now since I only have 1 hour and 30 mins. to go. My mood also changed when the contract holder of the hockey group asked if I would like a coffee on the Saturdays that I work. How sweet is that!

2:00pm: 1 more hour to go! Spell checks this blog and gets ready to post it since my P.I.C. will be here in a bit to take over the rest of the day. I’ll be off to a Birthday Party Open House for a dear sweet lady who is celebrating her 95th birthday. Then its home to make dinner, and spend a quiet night keeping warm and watching T.V.


ME said...

3:00 Came in to relief my whining (lol) PIC from her duties and send her off to have fun at a party..woo hoo....sitting there, waiting for the team to get of the floor....ahhhh the office is nice and warm.....thanks P.I.C.

ME said...

4:35 the birthday party is in full swing, the money situation has finally been figured out and settled. Mr.C. was very thankful for your kind gesture and will be back with a coffee next week lol...lucky me lol...

ME said...

5:30 Hmmmm wondering what the PIC is doing? Is she having fun mingling with family....;)Time flies by pretty quick if you have fun at work lol...only one more hour to go....

DM said...'ll have to thank Mr. C for MY coffee next week...and I was NOT whining!!!!!!...I was expressing myself...LOL