Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bit's and Pieces- Odd's and Ends

Finally I got off my arse and got back into the swing of things. I did 45 minutes of Zumba last night and wow it feel good. The class is actually 1 hour long, but since I have to clock in 15 minutes before my first rental arrives, I have to leave the class 15 minutes early. It’s been a few weeks since I actually participated in the class and I never realized how much I missed it. With the infectious music still beating in my mind it made for a wonderful night at work even though it was raining. “Suck it up princess” is a phrase I can now say I have done fully in this instance. I have figured out that I am me and can not be what others want or perceive me to be. I have had many talks with a few people and even though they stood beside me and helped me stand back up, it was me who had to dust off myself and say ok enough damn it, back to the real world now. My children are now grown so I do have the right to say “It’s all about me!” I am back with a new attitude to live life to its fullest and make every day count for myself, and not other people. If others can’t accept that then it’s their problem not mine.

It’s funny how one conversation can bring back flashes of memories that just fill you with laughter. That happened today as I talked with a good friend. Our talk started off innocent enough and went from talking about pedicures and manicures to wearing a cross your heart bra. It brought to mind the day I went for an actual bra fitting. Oprah actually got me thinking about it since I was sure I was not wearing the right bra. Now I am pretty open minded and not a lot embarrasses me but that day I was mortified. I walked into the shop with pride and dignity thinking I simply going to be measured and shown a range of colours and styles. Well I was measured and then the lady who was in her late 60’s and actually looked like she was FROM the 60’s, took me to the area where my size was and proceeded to show my all that was available. I chose 3 different types and stayed with the basic colours tan, black and white. She then led me to a change room and told me to try them all on. I was to ring the bell when I had the first one on. Now I really have no problem standing in just my bra, but when I rang the bell and she came, stepped into the change room and closed the door I got a wee bit uncomfortable. I was told to raise my arms above my head while she touched and prodded trying to see if the girls were sitting lady like inside the cups. She told me to extend my arms out to the sides and before I knew it she had one hand inside the cup manoeuvring one girl into its proper place. In a weird way I was glad she was looking at the said girl instead of my face because she would have seen my look of shock that was now blanketing my entire face. I quickly looked down at her hands and then just as quickly looked away. Its cool the different patterns one can see on the ceiling when one concentrates hard enough. Well after her hand cupped, manoeuvred and sat first one girl inside the cup and then the other she said it looked good. I looked down, meekly smiled and nodded. She suggested I try on the others but I politely declined. I bought the style I was fitted into and bought the same bra in the 3 basic colours, then I quickly left the store. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not prude, but when one is not expecting the girls to be handled, mauled and to be placed strategically into cups, it’s not the best experience. I will say that those bras are kept for special occasions when the girls need a little pep. Other than that, it’s the Walmart brand for me. I just put the girls where they belong and off I go!

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Mina said...

I think that your bra experience may have been better "handled" if perhaps they had men as sales people like maybe...Ryan Reynolds or Brad Pitt. The women would be lined up at the door lol