Thursday, March 17, 2011

So life DOES go on

Through humour, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it.
(Bill Cosby)

I came across this quote as I was checking out a blog that I sometimes follow. It really struck home for me since I tend to hide my pain in humour through my writings. Recently I have had to deal with a few blows from life and it was up to me how to handle it. I have let go of a few things that meant a lot to me in order to cope with certain situations. I usually end up talking things over with others that I know but this time I chose to stand on my own and handle the situation in the way it best suits me. It was something that was never real when I look back at certain things. Yes it’s my perception, but isn’t that what life is about? Living life through ones own eyes and not through the eyes of another? It took a few gallons of tears, but now I can smile and laugh about the situation and how it came about. Am I better for having this person enter my life? Yes, I know I am. Can I be friendly (without the snippets of anger showing) when I have contact? I can honestly say yes. Time does heal old wounds and add in a bit of humour and laughter I can handle it without the hurt showing.

So life DOES go on……………………

Gravity dictates that what is heavy in weight when lifted is even heavier in weight when it falls. Just ask my big toe. A big toe may not participate in as many activities as other parts of ones body, and in fact it maybe one of the laziest parts on ones body, but for me, the big toe seems to take all the punishment of my actions. Yes, I did it once again. I broke my toe. Usually it’s my baby toe and usually it’s due to my clumsiness by whacking my toe on a chair leg or table leg that’s when I begin to spew words that would put a sailor to shame. I can’t help but think that had I not had to take the damn thing down to the basement myself I would not have had to find out the painful laws of gravity. Now I am of an age where I have heard almost all imaginative and descriptive words that has graced the English language as well as most slang words. Well holy bejesus; some of the words that spewed passed my lips as the heavy 30lbs of weight crashed down on my big toe would make even the most vocal of English slang users cringe. To say it hurt was putting it mildly. I love the saying “I am woman-hear me roar” and well, I put a whole new spin on that quote! I managed to hobble back up the stairs with cuss words echoing through the house. Even Bentley decided to keep away and found a small hiding spot as I cursed the male species and their lack of use on earth.
Anyway, my toe is broke and has turned the wonderful colour of green, blue, red and purple. I’m reduced to wearing those god awful duck shoes with thick warm socks to work. Oh what a fashion statement I am making!

So life DOES go on……………………………….

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Mina said...

Time does not heal all's what you do in that time, that heals all wounds. And if you're doing so with will go on. I hope your toe heals quickly too ;) hugs