Monday, March 7, 2011

A peek into my weekend window

What a weird weekend. First, all the rain and then to wake up to yet another joke from Mother Nature and Old Man Winter. I guess they think they have a sense of humour. I’m sorry, I’m just seeing their humour!

Even though Saturday was filled with rain it turned out to be a good day. I had a few hours of work at the center and then it was home to relax for a bit, then change and make our way out to Camp 31 in Paris. The dinner was excellent. How could it not be as we sat by the back window and watched them manually smoke the many dozens of ribs under the wooden shelter? Camp 31 is known for their Southern style smoked ribs and ohhhhhhhh can you smell the delicious aroma even as you get out of your car to enter the small restaurant. The décor is absolutely amazing if one likes the old cabin style. It’s so cosy and really makes a person feel like they are actually inside an old fashion wood cabin. It was a dinner filled with many laughs and plain old gossip. Yes we did gossip about others but oh well. After the stress of the last month I didn’t really care. Between children, cancer scares, work, a car accident and then the battle of words when it comes to the Insurance Adjuster, amongst many other personal related problems, we all needed a release from our own realities. After finishing our dinner, we paid and walked out the door where upon seeing a family of deer walking across the field out back of the restaurant. It was almost picture perfect as the fog was slowly swirling around the soaked ground while 7 deer nonchalantly made their way across the barren field in the pouring rain. We watched for a bit and then our group dispersed for the evening to make our way back to our prospective homes. Now it was time for my favourite part of an early evening. A leisurely bubble bath with my music playing and a glass of wine to boot. What a way to end a soggy windy Saturday!!

Yesterday morning I awakened to another blast of old man winter. It didn’t look to bad and actually looked quite pretty outside, until I began to shovel off the deck. Under all that pretty white snow was a mixture of ice and slush. Bentley just loved all the new snow while Abby slowly and carefully made her way to the back of the yard to do her business. She was not a happy camper and once done she slowly made her way back, gave a small grunt at the door commanding me to let her back inside so she could go back to her warm blanket. After clearing just enough snow to get to the truck, clean it off and then start it to warm up and melt the thick sheen of ice covering it, I went back inside to get ready for work.

Once at work I had to do the same thing. I cleared a few pathways from the driveway to the doors and then salted the entrance ways. I had just finished when the first group arrived. Now my day was beginning. As usual a coffee was delivered to me by one of the regulars. Only this time it was an xl coffee. Seems he had a major house warming party the night before and needed an xl as well so he grabbed one for me. I bit back a laugh because he really did look in rough shape. It turned out to be a quiet day so all was good.

Today I woke up and could not get warm for the life of me. With a steaming mug of coffee beside me and curled up under a fuzzy warm blanket I chatted on Facebook for a bit and then went and warmed up with a long leisurely shower. I made myself another coffee, curled up on the couch again and turned on a show I normally never watch. I stopped being interested in the Maury Povich when all his shows became about DNA testing and girls who need it to figure out who their baby daddy is. Well today was really a heart wrenching one that went beyond the so called norm of reality TV. It was 3 girls, 16, 15 and 14. Just babies in most of our eyes. Anyway these teenage girls were wild and out of control. The poor mothers were in tears begging and pleading their daughters to please stop their wild behaviour. One Mother even cried that her daughter was killing her inside. That girl just pfft and rolled her eyes. Maury himself said he had never had teens this far gone thus leading him to air this episode for everyone to witness. I won’t get into the whole show but the heart wrenching part was so real you could actually see the look of shock on these teens faces. Each teen went with a guest speaker, had a private chat to try and figure out what was happening in their lives to make them behave this way. Then each teen was taken to a funeral home and lead to a casket. When it was opened, their mothers were laying as still as possible inside. It was heart wrenching watching these young girls see their moms inside this box. It certainly was memorable in a horrible shocking way. As the show ended each girl was sobbing and saying how they want to change. One can only hope they do. Sometimes it really does take a shocking thing to make one change.

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