Sunday, February 27, 2011

A good day......

Time out with a few girl friends can make for a very enjoyable time. We started our night out with a few drinks at a very quiet restaurant. We than moved on to ordering our dinner. We talked about everything under the sun. We steered away from anything that would put a damper on our evening and just let loose. We had an amazing meal and even threw caution to the wind and ordered desert. As we were eating desert the evening’s entertainment began. That was the end of the quiet restaurant. What a hoot. It was karaoke at it’s finest. I was amazed, awestruck and at times almost pissed my pants laughing as people grew more comfortable (thanks to the drinks consumed) to get up and sing their own renditions of different songs. We did have a couple serenade our table but as the old story goes… was too good to be true. The pair was very much in love and even kissed each other after they finished singing. Yes they were gay, but damn they were both very very good looking!!!!!! We ordered one more round of drinks spent some time laughing and joking around and before long it was time to leave. What a great way to end the week.

Today I’m at work with a new lease on life. Gone is the old and on with the new. A friend commented on my last blog about how good it was to see me smile again. I will be honest and say it has been awhile since I did smile a real smile. It’s a good feeling when someone notices something like that. It also eases the mind when you can understand who and what you can count on and make peace with it within yourself. One thing I can always count on is my Sunday morning coffee from one of the regular patrons. It’s always delivered with a smile and a cheery hello. If only I was 10 years younger!!! The center is filled with the usual sports groups and then later on there will be a birthday party upstairs and after that a birthday party in the gym, so it will be a very busy day for sure.

Well only 21 more days of winter, so the calendar says. I’m wondering who is supposed to tell Mother Nature this. Did upper management forget to send her the memo since waking up this morning the shovel was once again in use. It seems Mother Nature is trying to impress Old Man Winter a little bit too much. I just can’t wait until spring. I’m looking forward the seeing the green grass, the buds popping out and the sound of the birds once again. I’m really hoping that our yearly guests come back, making themselves comfortable in one of the small corners of the house. What a treat it is to watch as they renovate their home, making sure it is safe and secure and then over a period of time watching as a family of 2 becomes “The Birdy Bunch”.

As we head into another week………… “A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content.”

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Mina said...

Your comment "if I were only ten years younger" reminded me of a story. One of my dearest friend's husband is 85 and when introduced to me he said "if he were only 35 years younger" lol I had to laugh as to most, thirty five is old.