Thursday, February 17, 2011

A good day all the way around

What a laugh I had this afternoon. It was so mild out that I noticed that the huge pile of snow out back had finally decided to shrink thanks to the warm sun. So with Bentley and Abby in toe I pulled on a pair of old farmer winter boots a few sizes too big, a thick sweater, my mittens and my plum/purple vest and out to the back we trotted. Now Abby has become an old lady that just likes to lay while Bentley is filled with more energy than 4 children hyped up on sugar. While Abby sunned herself Bentley ran in wild circles wearing off some energy. I grabbed the shovel and began to clear the softened pile of snow away from the foundation of the house. My neighbor saw me and asked if I minded another pair of hands. Normally I would have said it was ok and told her not to worry about it, but she looked like she needed a bit of an escape so I told her sure. Her daughter has split from her hubby so poor Carol now has her daughter plus 2 young children in her house. She gratefully took me up on the offer and came around, grabbed a shovel and started to help me. Bentley had learned the knack of jumping up into the 3’ box garden at the back of the yard. This way he can see over the fence to the neighboring yards. Well the snow Carol and I had been removing from the foundation of the house had grown into a pile near the box garden. Bentley watched curiously as the pile grew in size. I’m not sure what he was thinking, but in a burst of speed he dove into the pile. I almost pee’d my pants laughing when he sunk way down. His poor legs were submerged deep into the snow until his belly was lying flat. He tried to escape but to no avail. Both Carol and were pretty much in hysterics as the poor thing just looked at us as though to say “what happened?” I went over and had to dig him out between me laughing hard and his whining I finally got him free. He scrambled off towards the deck, turned and barked a few times and then laid down beside Abby to watch. We finally cleared the snow into another pile but this time well away from the house. Carol and I spent a bit more time just chatting while the dogs just laid there. With my cam chat in the morning and then some mild snow fun in the afternoon it turned out to be a great day!

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