Thursday, February 17, 2011

She glances at the photo, and the pilot light of memory flickers in her eyes. ~Frank Deford

Today I took a trip. I was alone, but not really alone and it felt wonderful. I walked down many roads and made many stops. I ran into so many old friends and acquaintances and spent long moments of catching up. Today I took a trip back to my roots. I had hit the lowest point of my life that I can remember and after a long sleepless night I came to the conclusion that MY life matters. Not someone else’s life, but mine. Not any one else’s feelings but mine. The friend I called last night called me back first thing this morning to make sure that I was ok. After assuring them I was fine we started talking about life as children. I never knew this person as a child and in fact I have only known them a little less than a year, but their shoulder has been one of strength and comfort during the last little while. My friend had a brilliant idea to log onto the computer and turn on our web cams. We decided to share some of our childhood memories. There was to be no talk of present hurts or angers, this was going to be just fun times. We gave each other 30 minutes to gather anything that we wanted to share, make a coffee and meet back on the web cam. I had to call the hair dresser and cancel my appointment to get my hair done since one thing I do admit to is not being a very graceful crier, in fact this morning I looked more like Kermit the Frog than he himself did. Thank goodness she had a cancellation for tomorrow after work so I grabbed that slot gratefully. So with photos and photo albums in tow along with a huge mug of coffee we began a morning of reminiscing. It was rather hectic there for the first little bit since Bentley decided it was not normal to hear a voice coming from the computer so until I got him settled Bentley was the main attraction. Once things calmed down we started our trips down memory lane. I met my friends’ mom and dad, grandparents and siblings and friends. My friend met all of my family and friends and of course they met Bentley, Abby, Neko and Tiggs (short for Tiger lily). My friend and I talked about how things were as children and the rough times we had. We showed each other funny pictures of ourselves and talked abour our favo It was hard to believe that 3 hours had passed, but it was certainly the best time I have had in years. It is so good to let go of all the stress of life and just go back to your roots. I can’t believe how much I really missed all my family and friends. It kind of sheds a new light on present troubles. I wasn’t sure if I could have pulled myself up off my arse this time after falling so hard, but I proved to myself that I am strong and that I can do and handle anything life throws at me.

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