Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Letter B

Todays blog is brought to you by the Letter B

B is for Bentley

Bentley – Born May 15th 2009.
Adopted – July 4th 2009
Went to my new home on July 7th 2009.

My name is Bentley and I’m a Golden Retriever. I was just a wee baby when I joined my new mommy and her family. I really can’t remember too much during the first few weeks of settling into my new home. My adopted mommy said I cried a lot, but as the days wore on I began to fit in.

From the different pictures I have seen I grew really fast. I stopped chewing on toes and ankles and began to have a liking for furniture. This didn’t make my mommy to happy and I got scolded on more than a few occasions. I tried to be a good boy and most times I left the furniture alone turning my attention to the bathroom. It’s really interesting in this room and I have found something that really intrigues me. The white stuff that comes off the wall when pulled is really a cool toy. I’m not sure why, but I like the taste of it too. I have been told it’s too expensive to play with and mommy has scolded me for that too. I don’t really understand why when they just let it hang there and then throw some away down that huge water bowl that makes things disappear. I might just as well have some fun with it without mommy knowing. There are other furry creatures that I can play with in the house, but when I catch them and start to play with them they get mean and hiss and growl at me. They have really sharp claws too. It makes me cry when they hit my nose. Their claws seem to bite into my nose and they won’t let go until mommy comes running. Then they look all upset and stuff and I’m the one that gets into trouble. I don’t think that’s very fair!

On my first birthday mommy took me swimming in the river. I had to have a rope tied onto my collar so mommy could rescue me if the water tried to swallow me up or worse yet have the water carry me away because this water moves fast. At first I was scared cause I had never been swimming before. But as soon as mommy threw that stick into the water it was like I was an Olympic swimmer. I swam for a long time and when mommy said it was time to go I was really upset but she promised to take me swimming again. I can’t wait!

The man that lives in the house with mommy gets mad at me a lot. He says I have A.D.H.D. I don’t know what that means but mommy tells me not to worry about it. She tells the man that I am just a very busy boy with lots of energy. The man does play with me, but because I am stronger and faster than him he gets mad and stops playing with me. I try to jump at him to coax him to play, but that just gets him madder at me. When he gets really mad I go and sit beside mommy. That makes me feel better. Sometimes I get mad at the man too and I will do things just to bug him. Mommy scolds me for that too, but if you look carefully, mommy tries to hide a smile. Well it’s kinda cloudy out today and I am bored, so mommy is going to let me outside to play. I love being outside and my favourite thing to do is dig really big holes all over the yard. That really makes the man mad, but that’s another story for another time!

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