Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Letter A

The other day I was reading a blog and noticed something pretty cool. On this blog was sort of an advertisement to sign up for a A-Z blogging. I checked this out and it seemed pretty cool. Since the beginning of the month has now passed by 9 days I’m going to try this type of blogging on my own. I’ll start today and end in 26 days. I’ll not worry about whether or not I have begun on the first day of a month. Some of the blogs will be about me and some will just be silly off my head kinds of topics. Either way, It’ll be fun for me and yes, I guess I’m stealing someone else’s idea, but what the hey….sue me!........

Todays Blog is brought to you by the Letter A

A is for Alligator,

One of my favourite vacations was when I went to South Carolina with my cousin and oldest daughter 3 years ago. It was a fabulous vacation giving me 10 days of stress free time. I was so excited about going since I had only read about places like Myrtle Beach. One of the main things I had been warned about (and rightly so) were that the Alligators are as common as seeing deer in the wetlands and forest areas of our city. I was absolutely awestruck the first day we arrived. The city it’s self was amazing. The temperature was 85 degrees and we could actually smell the ocean as we drove through the city towards the condo.

The day after we arrived I went out with the camera, like all tourists, and ran across this sign on the bank of the small pond on the condo’s property. It made me laugh since signs like this are hard to comprehend.

That is until I turned and focused my eyes on the pond. Well hells bells I almost jumped out of my own skin when I saw this Alligator. Once I got over the shock I couldn’t help but stare in amazement at this creature that was coasting through the water. Each time a sound was made this Alligator slowly submerged downward and then after a few moments he surfaced again. It certainly was a treat watching him.

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