Friday, April 15, 2011

The Letter G

Todays blog is brought to you by the letter G

G is for Goobers and Good and Plenty I really had to search my mind to come up with something for the letter G, and low and behold, somewhere tucked high up on the shelf of my memory a light flickered. Sometimes during the summer months a very,very, verrrrrrrrrrry long time ago if us kids had been good, our parents would treat us to a night at the Drive-In on a Friday or Saturday night. Our area had 2 Drive-Ins. The Breezes Drive-In, which was in town and The Sun Set Drive Drive-In on the outskirts of town. I seem to recall going to The Sun Set Drive-In more than The Breezes, but both brings back some really happy memories. I can remember having our dinner, clearing the table and doing the dishes. After everything was done and dad had read the paper we’d begin to pack the old red station wagon with a thick double sized piece of foam, blankets and pillows. Excitement rang through the bedrooms as us 4 kids changed into our pajamas and loaded into the car. We’d arrive at about 7:30 pm and we’d have to wait until the gates opened at 8. When the gates opened and each car was allowed in, dad would drive slowly around looking for a parking spot that had a working speaker between the playground and the concession booth. Since the movie didn’t start until dusk we were allowed to go to the playground for a little while. When it began to grow darker, dad would sound the horn 2 times telling us it was time to go back to the car. Once at the car dad would reach into his pocket and we’d get all excited as we heard the change jingling. I could hardly wait to get my quarter so I could go buy a box of my favourite candy. A box of Goobers. My sisters and brother always bought a box of Good and Plenty’s, but not me. I hated the taste of black liquorice and even the candy coating that covered the small pieces of liquorice tasted horrible. Me, I loved Goobers. The chocolate covered peanuts were my all time favourite. Money was tight back then and even though the popcorn, french fries, hamburgers and hotdogs smelled so good we made do with our candy without complaining……to much. We’d wait for each other to do the washroom thing and then all head back to the car. (I can still hear the crunching of the stones under our feet as we walked). Dad had taken that time to get the speaker adjusted onto the window while mom made up the foam mattress in the back. My youngest sister would sit up front with mom and dad while we sat in the back seat. At a certain time cars would start to honk there horns and then within minutes the movie would appear on the gigantic outdoor screen. About half way through the first movie (there was always a double feature) my youngest sister would begin to fall asleep. She’d climb over the seats and curl up under a blanket on the mattress. I’d usually be able to watch the first movie in its entirety, but by the time the Intermission was over I’d be drifting off. Ahhh…childhood memories!!!!

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Mina said...

Wonderful memories. Isn't there still a drive in theatre in Woodstock?