Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Letter E

Today's blog is brought to you by the letter E

E is for Exercise

Exercise isn’t for everyone and it does take a lot of commitment for someone to do a diligent workout everyday. I do take part in the Zumba classes at the centre (although I have missed 3 classes due to my broken toe). Last week I did take the class but my toe was screaming “what the hell are you doing to me” with every step I took. Since I do Zumba only once every week, I needed an exercise plan that could fit into my life style. I found the perfect program that works for me. Who knows it could work for you too! You’ll never know until you give it a try.

Day 1

Beat around the bush several times
Jump to conclusions all the time
Climb the walls
Wade through the daily paper from start to finish

Day 2

Drag my high heels constantly
Push my luck all the time
Make mountains out of mole hills
Hit the nail on the head regularly

Day 3

Skate around the issues for awhile
Bend over backwards
Jump onto the latest bandwagon
Pat myself on the back just for the fun of it

Day 4

Run around in circles all day long
Blow my own horn constantly
Pull out all the stops for just a minute
Add oodles of fuel to the fire

Day 5

Open a can of worms or Pandora's box just to see what's inside
Put my foot in my mouth regularly
Start the ball rolling often
Go fly a kite in the morning and go over the edge at night

Day 6

Pick up the pieces (before Humpty Dumpty screws it up with 'crazy glue')
Raise the roof as much as I want
Lift a pint when the spirit moves me
Skip the laundry, or for that matter the washing up

Day 7

Give myself a great big hug
Blow someone a kiss
Smile for no reason
Cuddle anyone who needs it
What an amazing workout!

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