Monday, May 23, 2011

First Long Weekend of the Summer!!!

I hope everyone is havining a wonderful Victoria Day weekend. I have to say mine was busy and fun. We were invited out for dinner Friday night and it turned out to be more enjoyable then expected. We went to Sherwood Restaurant and helped celebrate a friends 60th birthday. Enya and her hubby both came from Ireland 15 years ago and their accent is still very pronounced. It was very hard to understand them, but it didn’t stop people from laughing when Enya and Sean started into the Irish brogue and chastising each other in fun. I just love the Irish accent and try as I might I was not able to roll my tongue when I spoke even though Enya tried to teach us women. The guys were having a hard time keeping their laughter in check as she gave some quick lessons on how a lady should curse the Irish way. The food was wonderful and many laughs were had during the evening.

Saturday was a fabtabulous day. Summer was definitely here as the temperatures soared into the low 80’s. The back yard was groomed and ready for the barbeque so I was able to sit outside having my morning coffee watching Bentley chase the squirrels’ and birds. I chatted with neighbours and caught a few morning rays of sun. It’s hard to believe that even at 10:00am one can get the pinkish kiss of the sun on their skin. It didn’t stop me from slipping on the sunshades and catching up on some much missed reading. Company started to arrive around 2pm and from then on time seemed to just slip by. The meal was great and the company was entertaining which made for a perfect day.

Sunday was wonderful since this was the first Sunday of the summer season that I didn’t have to work. I chatted on facebook for a while and then headed out to do some grocery shopping. The rest of the day was spent just enjoying doing absolutely nothing! Today it’s basically the same as yesterday. It is calling for rain but by the looks of it right now, it may turn out to be another nice day ahead.

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