Sunday, May 15, 2011

What a wonderful weekend!

Even the rain could not dampen my spirits yesterday. The temperature was fairly mild even though the day was filled with bouts of rain and then drizzle, and I had to work for a few hours in morning, it was the perfect day.

A friend of mine from the States decided to come into Canada to take part in this years Friday the 13th bike rally. It was a spur of the moment idea, but as they say, those kinds of ideas are the best. So, after work yesterday, I went home to change and then I was off to visit for the rest of the day. We met for coffee at Tim Horton’s by the casino so that we could watch the parade of bikers return from their ride to raise money for The Lansdowne Children’s Centre Foundation. We chatted about all the bikes and the fun that was had in Port Dover. It was my friend’s first visit to the Friday the 13th Bike Rally here and Canada, and was amazed at the turn out. I myself have never attended the Rally’s, but I do hope to attend at least once. After the bikers rode back into the Civic Center parking lot, we left and made our way to Mount Pleasant. We had a late lunch at The Windmill, a wonderful and friendly restaurant. The food was excellent as usual and the company was great! We spent most of the day driving around so they could take in the famous landmarks here. My friend was more than thrilled to visit the Bell Homestead and walk around the museum. Of course we were the only visitors there so we had the museum to ourselves. We spent time chatting and catching up on things that have happened in our lives and it seemed like only yesterday since we seen each other, but all too soon it was time to head home for the both of us. We did promise that it would not be another 3 years before we visited again.

Today I’m at work and it’s a fairly busy day. I have one sports rental in the gym, after that there is a family birthday party, than a Wedding Shower taking place upstairs. It’s raining again and has turned pretty chilly, but that ok, it is spring after all! This coming week is going to be dedicated to cleaning the house and washing up the sheers and curtains. I’ll be keeping an eye on the long range forecast since the long weekend is almost upon us. I’m hoping the weather will co-operate and make at least Saturday a rainless day since there is a major barbeque planned. Everyone has been warned that if it’s a rainy day then everything will be cancelled. Here’s hoping that all works out the way it should!

Have a great Monday everyone!!

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