Monday, May 16, 2011

What a nice surprise!

Wow, there is nothing like receiving praise from the “Higher Up”. This morning I was checking my work email and as usual there were a few from my Supervisor. One of those emails made me smile and boy did I puff up like a peacock. There was a rental last Thursday night and I treated it like any other rental I have. I do my best, use the costumer service skills I have learned over the years and be as helpful as I can. Well this particular rental was for a group I have never heard of before “LHINS” and the majority of people that were coming in were in suits and ties. It had something to do with the Governess to Governess Health Care system in the Hamilton, Niagara, Haldimand and Brant areas. Anyway, they needed a small amount of equipment such as the P.A system and although I have never set this up before I did my best. After a few tries I got it working and they were good to go. The meeting was only a few hours long and as the people were leaving they all smiled as they passed the office and said a thank you and good night to me. I returned their smiles, said good night and wished them safe travels. It was like any other rental I have and thought nothing of it. Well this morning when I checked my email as I said there was an email from my Supervisor. She’s not really big on words and she is sometimes hard to understand in both her decisions and ideas but she does have her good moments as well. This email only contained 3 words, but it was easily understood. It simply said “Good Job Dawn”. Now that may not mean a whole lot to some, but it certainly meant a lot to me. It’s not often one gets a pat on the back from a Supervisor when your job is to make the public happy with the service they are provided. In all the years I have worked for Parks and Recreation and under my Supervisor, I have never received this kind of praise. This certainly has made my day!

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Mina said...

and well deserved praise at that...good job my friend!