Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Letter T

Todays Blog is brought to you by the letter T

T is for Timeless

Timeless classic Toys. These are a few that I was able to enjoy in my childhood. Oh the memories that they bring back!

Spinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn….left hand blue…spinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn……. right foot yellow, A butt in the face, an arm snaked between someone else’s legs. Yep that’s Twister! A game that is still as fun today, as it was in the yesteryears, as long as ones body is still as agile as they were in the yesteryears.

Her hair was amazing, she spoke to me and we played together many times. She was always ready to go anywhere I wanted to go. She wore a pretty dress, bobby socks and shiny black shoes. In her hair was a beautiful bow and on her back was the ring attached to a string that I could pull to hear her talk. She was my bestest friend ever! I knew she loved me, well, until I tried my hand as a grown-up hair cutter. Oh the tears I shed when mom told me that her hair would never grow back. When my brother decided to hang Cathy by the ring to a thick tree branch, and then proceed to pull her downwards, so he could laugh as she was slowly pulled back up was her ultimate demise. Rest in peace my friend! We played well together.

A shiny black case with a plastic handle. The front adorned with the popular name Barbie, along with images of every little girls friend. When little fingers unsnap the small clip and hands can open the case to reveal a whole world before them. Clothing of every walks of life and shoes galore. That’s what brought a smile to my face. Being able to transform Barbie in any attire I wished. Over time, the dresses were torn, shoes were lost and Barbie’s hair grew into a tangled mess that no amount of care could undo. But on my behalf, my Barbie’s travelled the world and had fun while doing it. I may not have the very weird measurements that my Barbies had, but I certainly want to start having the fun they did!

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