Thursday, May 19, 2011

Saying goodbye to old friends

Pine Valley, Llanview, and Port Charles are places I used to visit all the time. In fact, I went to all 3 of those towns almost daily. I rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous, thanks to my good friend Erica Kane and joked around with Tadd Martin during my time in Pine Valley.

It was always hard to leave such good friends, but I had others to visit so off to Llanview I went. It always warmed my heart to visit with Viki Lord Riley and listen while she updated me on the newest sins, scams and schemes of her Step Mother/town bitch Dorian Lord. Sometimes my visit would be filled with anger and sometimes tears, but I knew one thing. I’d always come back since it felt like home when I was in Llanview.

The rest of my days were spent in Port Charles. I never knew what to expect in that small city. There was always something happening, be it bullets flying because of yet another mob war going on or Sonny Corintho’s going on one of his many tirades. My most memorable visit was when I was invited to attend the wedding of Luke and Laura. Now that my dear friends, was a wedding to put even Kate and Andrews wedding to shame. It was simple yet so romantic and yes Elizabeth Taylor was there. It was amazing watching her peek around the corner of the building watching the nuptials of two people who definitely fought long and hard to reach that special day.

It’s been a while since I saw all my friends, so today I decided to visit them. It was amazing that even after all this time, not much has really changed. I did hear that all the friends have made will be moving onto bigger and better things. I’m hoping that I will see all of them as they embark on different travels. So, here’s to everyone that made me feel like one of them. Cheers to each and everyone of you.

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Mina said...

omg I totally forgot about Tad Martin...he was my teenage heart throb, but I have since moved on to Billy Abbot from Y&R. lol