Saturday, March 3, 2012

Just a question

I’m a FaceBook fan. I love keeping in touch with friends and family that have moved away. I’m not one to post any personal drama because it’s just that…it’s personal, but I am a fan of posting quotes and browsing through the Status Shuffle area. I ran across this question and decided to think about it instead of clicking next.

“If money was no object where in this world would you like to go to unwind and relax for a week or 2? (You can only pick 1 place.)

That’s a rather hard question to answer, at least for me it is. I have always wanted to visit Ireland to see where my ancestors came from or be laying on a beach in a warm sunny place with a cabana boy serving me margaritas…(ok…that ones more a dream…lol). I have always wanted to visit New York City and wander down 5th Avenue, stroll down  Madison Ave.and sit for a while in Central Park. I would love to go to Arizona and look over the Grand Canyon, but alas those are bucket list “vacation” destinations. I have gone to Myrtle Beach twice, once with my daughter and cousin as a girl’s week away and once with my cousins and other half. Both times they were fun, but not very relaxing as we were always on the go to see the sites and visit all the culinary places that the locals called the best of the best. Last summer I spent a week in the wilds of Northern Ontario and well, I will be going back there. This place is amazing. It’s actually the cottage of a very dear friend and her husband. They have transformed this place into a tranquil haven in the woods. The week I spent there gave me time to think about lots of things. The only noise that could be heard was the planes flying back and forth to and from the local airport. The nights were amazing. If I strained my ears hard enough I could hear the trickling water of a very small waterfall running into a brook that pours into Lake Wanapitei (I think that’s the name of the Lake…lol. Even though this place is only about 5 hours from me, this is the place I would choose to go to unwind and relax. I was welcomed with open arms when I was there and felt immediately in my element. So look out Northern Ontario…I’ll be coming back!!!!

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