Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lottery dreams............

Well, I didn’t wake up yesterday morning as a millionaire…go figure. Friday’s lotto was 40 million and as per usual my numbers were no where close. Everyone talks about what they would do if they won a lottery and I’m no different. Boy the fun I would have! The first thing I’d do is pay off the mortgage, Mr. Visa and Mr. Master Card then take a very looooooong tropical vacation. Oh I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that certain ones would certainly have some suggestions for the winnings hence my very long vacation. When I got back I’d make sure I have everything in place and then begin to start to gift some of my winnings to my kids. I’d donate some money to worthwhile causes and charities and hell, I may even buy a horse or 2. Then I guess I’d have to buy some sort of ranch style acreage to house the horses.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh what wonderful dreams!!!!!!!!!


Mina said...

.........and a cabin in the woods ;)

HeatherL said...

Oh I too have such plans when I win the lotto...Unfortunately, I think I actually have to play to win, right? That might be why I keep losing!

As for me? I'd buy a huge farm somewhere in the mid-Atlantic region at least 300 miles inland and 300 miles from any major urban area!