Sunday, March 18, 2012

A piece of my past :)

Yesterday was yet another beautiful spring day. I hope everyone enjoyed their St. Paddy’s Day celebrations, I know I certainly did….. a little too much I think! There was a point where I was sure I saw a few Leprechauns dancing about. Now that I have my wits about me and the green beer has slowly receded from my blood stream, I’ve come to the conclusion that those sneaky little buggers only appear when the eyes are trying to focus on one object at a time.


Anyway.......before the celebrations began I decided to do a little side shopping for just odds and ends. Somehow I ended up in Cambridge and the luck of Irish was certainly with me yesterday. I had visited the V.V Boutique and finding nothing there I went a few doors down to stroll through Winners. I immediately went to the Home Décor area and hells bells there it was as bold as can be almost calling out my name…………………. You have to bear with me as I try to explain to those of you who are not familiar with Mr. Crud.

Back when I was a young teen my father had come across an old girls bike, cleaned it up and said it was mine. Well, it certainly wasn’t anything fancy by any means. It had a bent wire basket (my father tried to straighten) at the front to carry things in,a few spokes were missing, the back wheel rim was bent and did this funky bounce as I peddled it up and down the street, but it was MY bike. I no longer had to borrow my brothers bike and endure the pain of skipping peddles when I stood up to gain a bit of speed. Oh how I grew to love that bike. It took me many places as I rode mile after mile with my best friend. There came a time when Mr. Crud could no longer travel the distance and I had to let him go and move on to something that could take me on the journeys to come. It was sad letting him go but he led a fulfilling life while giving me the pain free and independent times that are now my most cherished memories.

Back to shopping at Winners…as I said it was like something was calling my name and as I turned down the last aisle there on the shelf standing beside a mate was a decorative version of MY Mr Crud. I couldn’t believe it. It was almost identical to the bike I had as a young teen! Well I had to buy it, there was no doubt in my mind, but I also had to buy the mate to it since it was a boy’s bike with the cross-bar and everything. I now have a very special piece to enhance the memories of my youth!


Mina said...

OMG as if you found Mr. Crud! I love it! I think back in our day, new bicycles didn't exist. I remember my first bicycle was one of my sister's bikes passed on down to me. It was way too big for me as I remember not being able to touch even my tippy toes to the ground, but as you said it best it was MY bike! I think as long as I live the memories of us two travelling down that old dirt road on our bikes, sitting a spell, watching clouds pass by, and sharing our dreams, was one of the best times of my life! love ya ♥

Ermie said...

Hey. I've got a little award for you over at my blog. :-)