Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vampire verses vampire

Finally…the end is in sight! The Twilight Saga is coming to a conclusion (cue the happy dance song)! The only other show that has gotten to me like this is Harry Potter, but I’m not gonna touch that one. Sorry if I’m offending anyone, but my gosh enough is enough! Maybe I’m old school but growing up I was in tune with the old ways of Vampires. The thrills and chills of Dracula whether it be Bela Lugosi, Jack Palance, or my own personal favourite Christopher Lee scared the bejesus out of me, and to be honest they still do. I watched the first 2 parts of Twilight and that was enough. It was hard to watch as Edward (the star Vampire of this series) twinkles and glitters when light hits him or how he can “run” faster then even Superman could. It was hard watching Bella almost beg to become a Vampire so she can live happily ever after with Edward. Edward keeps telling her no, that’s it’s not a life she wants. Apparently the final one has Bella turning into a Vampire after all. Who would have thunk it? (rolls eyes). I read an article about Bella having Edwards baby in the forth part of this saga. From what I read some people who went to see this one at the theatres actually had medical issues ranging from hyperventilating to literally passing out! I really don’t understand how the iconic story of a Vampire could be changed so drastically, but that just me.

All I can say is I’ll always be a Dracula fan and I’ll shove Edward Cullen to the side

for Christopher Lee any day.


Judy said...

Okay, my confession. I have watched Twilight (mostly for my daughter). I have seen each one, and will no doubt see the last one coming up. It's kind of ridiculous, but what can I say? I am sacrificing for my daughter :) But I am a Harry Potter fan through and through and have watched each movie dozens of times - I know, pathetic.

DM said...

lol...we each have our little hiccups...I'll be revealing more about mine during the blogger challenge...and I'm sure I'll be ranked in the O.M.G noooooo and um...thanks to one of your blogs a few posts ago,I reverted back to my Wizard of Oz days and sung almost every damn song in that movie (my all time favourite)

Mina said...

I am in total agreement with you on this one Dawn...dislike, dislike Twilight. I gave it a try and thought...okay this is for teenagers lol. I didn't get it. However, if you are talking OZ I'm all about that classic.....cue in the flying monkies.

Mina said...
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HeatherL said...

I completely agree! So very tired of the vampire romances. Vampires are a thing to fear. End of story. Plus, having read the books - my students begged me to read them so they could have a book talk with me - I can tell you that they are poorly written and Edward is a controlling emotionally abusive character. And Bella has no role except to remark on how beautiful Edward is.


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Lisa said...

I have a 14 year old daughter & she has insisted that I take her to see each movie the weekend it comes out & also buy her the DVDs. Lucky me. If I have to choose between the two evils - I'd choose the books. At least you don't have to see the horrible acting!
My favorite vampire movie has to have been Interview with a Vampire.

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