Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tid Bid Thursday

Well not much has changed in the small corner of my little world. I will say that my emotional state is ten folds better. I did read a blog from someone who works at the place I just left and I wish them all the best. In “my” eyes that place of employment goes well for a while and then when personalities clash and things don’t go the way certain ones expect then the cat claws come back out…hence the reason I left. Today I ran into someone who used to visit the centre on a regular basis, due to programs her children had been registered in. She was sorry to hear that I had left but she also said that “for a few years now the place has been going to pot”(her words, not mine) and that’s one of the reason she had decided to find other avenues for her children. She did boost my ego by letting me know her kids still remember me even though they are both in “big school” now. She said the experience and influence her children received when I was there made a positive impact on her kids. So I guess all is right after all. If my positive influence can follow even 1 child down the path of life then it was all worth while.

Well here we are on the first day of March. I guess March needed an introduction to announce its arrival   since there was a very weird thunderstorm last night. Is that what they mean by coming in like a lion? It wasn’t a long thunder storm and only one really loud bang with about 10 minutes worth of low rumbles and grumbling, but it brought the realization that Spring is close, only 18 days away! Today it’s cloudy and cold, not a real winter cold but a cold dampness that just seeps into these old bones and hunkers down leaving me covered up with a big fluffy blanket.

Come on warm spring nights. I for one anxiously await your arrival!

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Mina said...

I will always remember the good ole days with our four amigos. We all got along so well. Working there was sweet, but it depends on the circle. I have many fond memories of the tots of fun programs, supervising,babysitter training,birthday parties, the breakfast program. I worked at three of the centres and enjoyd my time there. And a wonderful confirmation that we made a difference is when you do run into parents further on down the road. Their praise and knowing what an impact we had on their children made those days all worth it. Walk away with your head held high knowing that your contribution will always be remembered. :)