Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First post of Autumn 2009

The first day of autumn and what a mild day it was. The sun really didn’t show too much, but the humidity was extremely high. I was hoping that today’s tot’s program would be different from last week, but my hopes were dashed when the same father that stayed for the entire morning with his child last week, made another all morning appearance. Don’t get me wrong now. He’s a nice enough gentleman but the age group for this class is 2-5 yrs of age. Now he may very well have a 2 or 5 in IN his age, but that’s beside the point. Ok, I held my breath and expelled slowly in order not to go on about this. My new grip on my own corner of reality (those damn voices in my head) is to not sweat the small stuff any more. So far I think I have done a pretty good job, especially when it comes to my work. Back a few months ago if a parent had decided to stay for not one but 2 full mornings because they feel their child may be to young for this type of program, I would have been frustrated as hell. This time I’m not going to worry about it and I’ll let the parent play and do crafts with their own child and I will concentrate on the other children who are in the class. So I am patting myself on the shoulder and saying, “keep up the good work!”

Tonight I have a centre full of people so it is pretty hectic. There is ball hockey in the gym, a meeting in the large upstairs room and another meeting in the upstairs boardroom. When I had a chance, I slipped outside to get a bit of fresh air and I heard what I call a major sign of fall. It was dark outside and I could only see the faint “V” outline, but the unmistakable cries from a flock of Canadian Geese was echoing through the air. Since the centre sits just in front of a wooded area I could actually smell the leaves on the ground. I immediately went into my childhood mode and remembered raking the leaves into a huge pile and either running and jumping in them or taking turns being buried under them. Ohhhhhhhhhh, to be a child again. Who knows I just might find a pile of leaves in the near future and take a running leap into it!

Tomorrow I have the morning off so I’ll probably do what I have grown used to doing and just mess around on the computer. As you have probably heard as your reading this, I have learned how to add music to my blog. It took many different tries and a bit of cussing and deleting, but I finally did it. Yahhhhhh me!!!!! I think my next attempt will be to……………….no never mind, I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.

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ME said...

dammit it frustrates the heck out of me with all these damn add on until they are in the right place,...have fun lol