Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Good Morning Elgin Street Neighbours!

Damn this morning was a chilly one. Don’t ask me why, but I was up bright and early. I fed all the animals in my private zoo, donned my jacket and boots and took the pup out for his morning backyard visit. It really is quiet in the early morning hours and I was rather surprised at how the sound of a dog barking echo’s in the air. There is a family of wild rabbits that have decided to make a home under the garden shed at the back of the yard. I’m guessing the mother rabbit pushed the father rabbit out of his slumber to investigate the noise that we were making in the yard. It seems that the wild rabbits of the city have no fear since a rather large brown one hopped out into the center of the yard and just sat there, this in turn sent Bentley into a barking frenzy. The long eared creature continued to sit there unimpressed while I held firmly to Bentley’s leash and tried to hush him. A few of the neighbourhood dogs decided they wanted in on whatever action was happening and started to bark as well. Lights began to turn on in the surrounding homes and I could hear voices shushing their dogs as the choir of barking rang through the air. I rather clumsily picked up my 25lb puppy and hurried into the house hoping no one would see that it was my dog that started the whole thing. I’m sure the rabbit enjoyed seeing my rather hasty retreat since it was our noise that made him have to get out of his bed in the first place.

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