Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pulling up my own big girl panties for a change!!!

Today is just going to be one of those lazy assed days when I don’t do a thing. I have the day off, but I do go in tonight so my inner management (those little voices in my head) has told me to take it easy. There are many things I could voice my opinions on, but I’ll keep those to myself, at least for the time being. I do feel somewhat vindicated in my own little way about something that has been coming to a boil for a very long time. I was
able to voice “my” feelings about certain things that had been weighing heavily on me. All the help books and all the T.V help celebrities are always stating that it’s your own inner soul that needs to be helped before you can feel any peace within yourself. I was always worried that I would hurt or anger others if I said what was hurting me, but as they say, do not worry about others, let them worry about themselves. Since I have voiced what was inside of me, I do feel lighter and better about myself. I don’t feel guilty or ashamed and I don’t feel regret. I have learned that my inner peace is just as important as anyone else’s and if I don’t take the initiative to help myself, than why should anyone else? So, I can say with a clear heart and mind, I AM ME AND MY FEELINGS ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT AS ANYONE ELSES!

With that being said, it’s onward I trod to explore and experience all I can while I am still able to.

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