Sunday, September 13, 2009

What a beautiful day!

Well it’s another beautiful day signaling the arrival of fall. It’s getting dark earlier, and the nights are growing chilly. You have to wear a sweater in the mornings, but by noon, it’s back to being fairly warm out. I have noticed the leaves on some trees are already changing colour and chestnuts are scattering under every chestnut tree. I’ve noticed the constant rumblings of lawn mowers are now far and few between and bags of leaves are now decorating the curbsides where there used to be bags of lawn clippings. Fall doesn’t officially start for another week, but as we all know, Mother Nature never follows the calendar rules.

Another sign of fall for me is the return of the regular Ball Hockey groups. Throughout the summer there was only the regular Church Service on Sundays, but today was the official start of just one of the many Ball Hockey teams that rent the centre. Over the next couple of weeks the remaining teams will start and by the week after Thanksgiving all teams will be in full swing. Wow, time is going by so quickly, it’s almost scary to think about. When you think about it, Thanksgiving is just 29 days away, and I won’t even mention what comes next! I’m thinking maybe I should get my “Bucket List” out again and start making plans to get a few more “bucket” items checked off since time is passing by so dang fast. I’m not sure what those items might be yet, but I’ll do at least 2 by the end of 2009.

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