Friday, September 11, 2009

Hear Ye Hear Ye...I need attention!

Facebook, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo and Blogs. These are all excellent ways to keep in contact with family and friends, that is until people start airing their their personal problems and writing things to bring attention to themselves. I stopped using ICQ along time ago; I don’t have MSN although all my kids use it. I’m not on Yahoo, but I do have Facebook and as you know, I do have my blog.

Facebook is a good communication program but in all honesty I am tired of reading stupid assed updates on the people I have added onto my Facebook page. I know, you’re probably thinking “just delete these people”. I have begun my own filing system where in I start to place people into certain categories. The first category I have called “Just Plain F*&ked up”. Those people have been deleted and are now floating around the cyberspace landfill site. The second category I have called face book game junkies. These are the ones that play every single game on face book and to make matters worse sends me the freaking game, clogging up my face book page. The third category is the whiners and complainers that air the personal problems on the walls of a very PUBLIC site. I’m sure 99.9% of the friends people have on their face book do not want to hear that you have argued with your brothers or sisters or a friend. That you have received bad news or suffered a loss. As far as I’m concerned such matters should be dealt with in a personal way either by email, phone or even on a private blog. I recently suffered a loss in my life and not once did I post my loss on face book. All my face book friends had no idea my father was ill. It was only a small close group of friends that I had PRIVATELY confided in that knew of my situation. Even when my friends on face book found out about my loss, they used discretion and privately sent their thoughts and condolences to me through the face book email. No wonder face book is always under scrutiny and some web officials want face book taken down.

I am a dedicated Blogger. Well as dedicated as time will allow me to be. I only have given certain people my Blogger address and those are the ones that I would want to know my personal business. A blog is a personal journal where one can write whatever they feel and if they choose they can have people comment on what they have written.

I guess what I’m seeing is those who post personal drama and such on Face Book are those who need the continued attention of others and can only achieve this attention by using a very PUBLIC forum to gain attention and sympathy.

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Doing this in good Facebook fashion......ME likes this. lol