Wednesday, September 30, 2009


"People say that age is just a state of mind. I say it's more about the state of your body." - Geoffrey Parfitt

You know you’re getting old when you sneeze and cough and then feel a horrible pulling sensation in your groin. Well that’s what I did this morning and damn it does hurt! I stayed on the couch the majority of the day with the heating pad hoping the stretched muscles would slowly shrink back into a more comfortable length, but that didn’t help. Tonight was Zumba and I couldn’t even do that because it feels like every muscles in my groin area has been stretched to the limit. I was able to peek in and watch and HOLY SHAKE YOUR BOOTY BLOGGERS!!!!!! My P.I.C did the front row! Good for you P.I.C. I’m giving you a standing ovation plus a thumbs up for doing that.

Thats about it for my blogging brain tonight, I have just gone totally blank when it comes to what I was going to blog about. Damn this “sometimers” it sneaks up on me all the time!!!!!!


ME said...

Yeah and doing all that wearing that stupid bellydancing skirt...give me a break lol....

Geoff Parfitt said...

Geoffrey Parfitt speaking!! Thanks for using that line I wrote... and released into the webosphere many years ago. I did a rare (honestly!) google search on my name this morning and that link to your blog caught my eye.

Sorry to hear you're poorly right now. Me too. I'm currently recovering from man-flu, but as a self-employed soul, I'm not allowed to be off sick for more than a day. I'm sure you know what men are like for feeling sorry for themselves.

Anyway... I'm probably wasting your time, but I did enjoy browsing your blog. I managed to keep mine going for about two years, but dedication clearly isn't my thing.

All the best... Geoff

DM said...

Thanks Geoff, for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog. Feel free to kick up your feet when you have a few extra minutes to enjoy the mindless yet hopefully humorous take on my little bit of the world.