Friday, April 13, 2012

The Letter L



According to Irish folklore, leprechauns are very small sprites who sometimes live in farmhouses or wine cellars. They are known to aid humans and perform small labors for them. Sometimes they ask humans for supplies and furniture, for which in return they give objects which bring luck and fortune. Leprechauns are called fairy cobblers, for they make shoes for elves (but always one shoe, never a pair). They are seen quite often by humans and are described as merry little fellows gaily dressed in old-fashioned clothes; green, with a red cap, leather apron, and buckled shoes. They do have more outfits, but this seems to be what they prefer to wear.

                                                           The usual Leprechaun
                                                                   dress code

When they finish their daily tasks, leprechauns like to organize wild feast, during which time they are referred to as cluricauns. These (often drunk) cluricauns can then be seen riding in moonlight on the back of a dog or a sheep.

I have to admit; on more than one occasion during my years of celebrating St Paddy’s Day I swore I saw those little people. I can’t be sure if they were actually riding dogs or sheep since for some odd reason my vision was not as keen as it normally is. Now it could be because I’ve had more than my fair share of celebratory drinks or it could be because they may not be folklore after all!

According to popular belief, a leprechaun possesses a treasure (usually a pot of gold) which a human may obtain if he succeeds in capturing one, which is extremely difficult. Even after capture, a person may not take his eyes off of him for an instant because he’ll vanish as quick as you can blink. There are traps to catch these magical little beings, but if a human causes them harm in any way beware, for they can be very malicious when angry. So remember, if you are lucky enough to catch a Leprechaun always remember…………Three wishes you get, three wishes great or small, but wish a fourth you lose them all.

Always treat the little man with respect and don’t be greedy. If you treat him well you just might find that pot of gold.


Ermie said...

Don't mess with the leprechauns! They are vindictive little sprites, especially if you try to steal their gold. ;-)

JoJo said...

I do need to find me a leprechaun! lol Very interesting history/info about them. I had no idea!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe in them. I don't know why, but I always have.