Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Letter U


Uni brow

In some cultures, the uni brow also known as the mono brow is viewed as an attractive quality in men and women alike. In some places it may be associated as purity, while most western societies seem to find it unappealing. It is seen by many as making a person look hostile angry or frightening. The uni brow seems to have inspired suspicion over the years. In past times, it was studied as a possible sign of bad or criminal behaviour. Talk about profiling!!!!!

Frida Kahlo, one of Mexico's famous artists, painted herself and the world the way she saw it. Many of her famous works were self portraits in which she did not attempt to beautify herself at all. In many of her portraits she sports a uni brow, physical injuries, and is clearly in pain. At a time when it wasn't popular, she gave the world an uncompromising view of feminism and activism. I can’t help but respect Ms. Kahlo for her ability to paint the world in vibrate colors but, still express the problems and pain she saw in it and in her own self.

                    Probably Kahlo's most famous self-portrait
"I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality."- Frida Kahlo

Other famous people that carries a uni brow are;

                                                             George W. Bush

                          Astronaut Tatar-Russian pilot cosmonaut Sharipov

                                                    Bill Barry Former Drummer of R.E.M

             And of course we can't forget




JoJo said...

HAHAHA So glad you included Bert!!! With my Italian/Portuguese heritage, I was in danger of the unibrow as I got older but fortunately it never happened!

deathwriter said...

I would look really menacing with a unibrow so I'm glad I don't have one. I love Bert! And I also love Frida Kahlo's art. She had a very interesting life. Why she stuck with Diego Rivera, I'll never know. He looked like a frog who never became a prince.

Anonymous said...

Frida has been the only woman who could pull it off.