Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Letter S



Mammals that are best known for their ability to secrete a liquid with a strong, foul odor. General appearance varies from species to species, from black-and-white to brown or cream colored. Skunks, together with their closest living relatives, the stink badgers, inhabit the Americas from Canada to central South America.

Once upon a time (for real) there were two families who decided to have a nice relaxing weekend camping at a local camp ground. They chose their campsites carefully and made sure they were side by side so that they could all enjoy nature at its finest together. Each family had a strong male body in charge of keeping their loved ones safe from all forms of the creepy crawly kind that one just might happen across in the outdoors.

Once both families had their campsites set up the strong male bodies went fishing to catch dinner for their loved ones. They came back very proud of their trophy catch all hanging from the stringer. Both families enjoyed the bountiful supply of fish as the male bodies boosted about what good providers they were. After everyone was done dinner and things were cleared away, the male bodies started a nice warm fire. It wasn’t a huge fire but it was enough to cast light in the darkened park and kept everyone toasty warm. Everyone sat around the fire and listened intently as the male bodies once again began to boost about the days catch. The hour was growing late, the camp fire was growing dim so each family called it a day and went into the perspective trailers.

Not a creature was stirring…….except the sounds of rustling as something was investigating the top of the picnic table. Both male bodies heard the sound and as each shone a flashlight from their prospective trailers, the beams of light honed in on a plump dark creature with a white strip (commonly known as the skunk). One male body called out to the other male body and asked what should be done. The other male body called out that they needed to try and lure this menace away from their loved ones. Each slipped on their shoes and quietly opened their trailer doors. They kept the flashlights trained on this menacing creature as they decided what should be done. One suggested that they make a loud noise to try and scare it away; the other disagreed and said they should just wait and see what it does next. Well the skunk decided that it was done its exploring and made its way off the table and began to waddle towards one of the trailers. The male bodies decided that it was now time to defend their loved ones from a possible attack. As the creature waddled UNDER the one trailer the male bodies decided to do the stealth attack. One male body went around one end of the trailer while the other male body the other end. All was quiet, only the crickets could be heard as the beams of the flashlights were seen bobbing back and forth. Then there was noise, it was like a hissing sound that was clearly heard in the dark night. Seconds later the beams of light were shinning against the ground….. the distinct cry of holy s*** and two male bodies quickly ran for their trailers. Each peeking out the windows as they watched that plump creature waddle out from under the trailer, making its way across the campsite and disappeared into the dark night. Thank goodness neither strong male bodies were damaged by the scent of the skunk but one DOES have to wonder why they even attempt to rid the campsite if this creature.


soggy in the corner said...

Hahaha! I can just picture this! I was once within two feet of a civet cat...thankfully it was not in the mood to let loose. I think I grabbed the dog and went out of the hen house, leaving the door ajar so the civet cat could make a discrete departure. stopping by from A to Z

JoJo said...

Skunks are so CUTE! My boyfriend had one that lived in a closet at their house when he was growing up. He said you could bop a hotdog on the floor in front of the closet and the skunk would waddle out to get it.

mmshaunakelley said...

Great story!! I look forward to reading more.

Michelle Pickett said...

ROFL! Great story! I can just picture it. Sounds like something my male body would do.

Great post,
Michelle :)
A to Z Challenger