Monday, April 16, 2012

The Letter N

The Letter N
The letter N is the first letter of a very important word in the English language: No. Many people claim to have trouble saying "no," while many kids complain that their parents say "no" too much. Regardless of your personal feelings on the word "no" it is clear that it depends on the N for its first letter. The famous kids chant Na-na-na-na-na-naaaaa, used to taunt unwitting victims on the playground for generations, also depends on the letter N. Well, perhaps it wouldn't be so bad to lose that N chant.... BUT plenty of other neat words need N in order to exist as well. Nobody could write about a new experience without the letter N, for example, nor could they tell someone necessary news about their needs. Nope, its clear that we can't say No when asked if N is an important letter in English!

Fun facts about the Letter N

N is one of the six letters provided to the final contestants in the Wheel of Fortune game show (R, S, T, L, N and E).


Next only to T, N is the second most commonly used consonant in the English language

Did you know that the word 'News' is actually an acronym standing for the 4 cardinal compass points - North, East, West, and South.

The word 'Nerd' was first coined by Dr. Seuss in 'If I ran the Zoo'.

Tongue Twister that uses the letter N….

Noisy Nora nibbles on nutritious nuts.
Never nab a nanny’s noodles.
Nighty-night, knight," said one knight to the other knight          
the other night.
Nighty-night, knight," answered the other knight that same night                                                                                                                                                        

The fastest growing nail is on the middle finger


Retro-Zombie said...

you had me with your last graphic...

Nice post, making it happen...

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Elizabeth Mueller said...

What a cute post!

A to Z co-host

Nancy Thompson said...

And it's the first letter of my name! I love the name of your blog. Couldn't resist coming over. What an interesting fact about the middle fingernail. And I used that same curly-que N for my A to Z post today.

Cute post! I'm a new follower via the A to Z. Nice to meet you, DM!

JoJo said...

LOVED the last one. too funny! I have 4 Ns in my first and last name, but more often than not, people just don't see that 2nd N in my last name and misspell and mispronounce it, even right after I have corrected them.

Cherie said...

funny posting..

Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but I was so impressed by what 'news' stands for. I said 'no way' out loud, and my dog looked at me funny.