Friday, April 18, 2014

2014 A-Z Blogging Challenge……….16th of 26 Pet Peeves

My Pet Peeve for the Letter P

The beaver is a well-known animal and in fact is indigenous to Canada. It even has a place on the back of the Canadian nickel. The beaver is known for its huge sharp teeth that can chew through a tree making it fall to the ground. As far as my schooling has taught me humans have no connections to the beaver in as far as genetics go so why on earth do people chew the wood of the pencil?

Pencil chewers are a very big pet peeve of mine. There is nothing worse than going into the pencil holder at work and finding pencils that have been chewed on. I’m not sure if people think they will gain magical thinking powers if they chew on the ends of the pencil or not but if they do gain those powers why are they not thinking that chewing pencils is gross for other people who use the same pencil. Good grief I have even found the ends of the pencil erasers chewed. The tin surrounding the eraser all squished together with the eraser bulging out and the least bit of pressure while trying to rub something out will cause the rubber tip to break off.

I have seen that they have toppers that go onto the end of the pencil just for pencil chewers. I guess I’ll have to invest in a few of them and leave them in the office “hoping” the pencil chewers take the hint!


Helen Baggott said...

And when they've finished chewing...they tap the end on books and equipment, spreading their germs. Horrid habit.

Zita Hooke said...

oh yes I HATE that!! So gross! I don't know how people can do that!!