Tuesday, April 8, 2014

2014 A-Z Blogging Challenge……….7th of 26 Pet Peeves

My Pet Peeve for the Letter G
G is for Grocery Aisle Hogs

There are a few chores I really don’t like doing and one is grocery shopping. The cost of living has sky-rocketed over the last decade including the cost of a basic necessity of life called “food”. I consider myself a pretty thrifty shopper and since they brought it the “Price Comparison” shopping it makes watching my money leave my hands and be placed in a cash register a “wee” bit better, although the savings still don’t justify the small amount that I did buy. Anyway I am getting off track here.

 It doesn’t matter what day or the time of the day I go I always seem to run into what I like to call the grocery aisle hog. Those people that like to walk down the middle of the aisle and then stop to look at something and block the whole aisle with their cart. I always try to at least shimmy my cart over to the side in order for people to pass me when I want to stop. One time I got so perturbed at a person who did this that I turned my cart around and decided to go down a different aisle. A few others followed my suit since this person had no intention on even trying to move their cart to let others pass. As it turned out, a few aisles across I saw this person coming and since I was already a bit pissy at them I decided to show them what it was like, so I purposely hogged the aisle and pretended to be looking for a certain item. I knew she was waiting to pass me but I didn’t budge. I had to snicker when she did a huge huff, turned her cart around and went the other way. I did hear her say “some people have no consideration!


eclecticoddsnsods.com said...

heh I really like the way you say how it is and I like the subject matter..I just hate grocery shopping period and dirty washes, bleh...Lovely blog btw

Hello from another A-z blogger

Keebles said...

I feel your pain! Next to getting gas, groceries are my second worst task I'm forced to undertake! Why do they stand in one place for so long just staring? Do they think the items are going to magically hop off the shelf into their cart? I go in knowing what I want from the get-go and get out. Even when I do run across something new, I barely have to slow down to get it. But I'm still in there forever because of other people.

Dee D said...

I had to laugh because I was just telling my husband a couple weeks ago that I was thinking about doing a post about my pet peeves. I didn't even think about people hogging the aisles, but when you mentioned it, I had to agree...lol. Hey, I've got one for you that was going to be at the top of my list... people that come to a complete stop at train tracks... gggrrr.

thelmaz said...

Stopping by from the Challenge. What a great theme, and yes, I hate grocery aisle hogs, too. Hope you'll visit back. www.widowsphere.blogspot.com This year I'm doing quirky quotes

blischka said...

So hilarious! yes, grocery shopping is unbearable, especially with a baby. I sometimes go late at night just before it closes as I know no one will be around.

betty said...

Visiting from A/Z; I truly understand what you are saying about the grocery aisle hog. They drive me crazy! I too hate grocery shopping and when I run across one of these, it makes my blood boil more than it should.

Great theme for the challenge; good luck with the rest of it!


JyllianM said...

I am loving this series. Cracking me up and I agree with so many of them. I'll be back to read more.