Friday, April 25, 2014

2014 A-Z Blogging Challenge……….22nd of 26 Pet Peeves

My Pet Peeve for the Letter V

Voting booths are available in all polling stations in order to allow the voter complete privacy when casting their vote.

What peeves me off is when I receive the calls from the people working on the campaigns asking if their political candidate can count on my vote. It’s supposed to be a private thing and yet the phone calls start and don’t stop until the day before the elections.
It is not a law (at least here in Canada) that people have to vote and some choose not to. That’s all fine and dandy until the wrong person gets voted in and then the ones who did not vote are the first ones to start complaining. As far as I am concerned the ones that do not vote have no say on what happens once a new government has been elected whether it be Federal, Provincial or Municipal.


Susan Kane said...

Oh how I hate voter polls and calls for contributions.
Good poster at the end.

Over from the A to Z.

Zita Hooke said...

Oh I have never had that happen! Thank god! I always find it funny when they are crossing my name off and they ask me if I have voted anywhere else that day... yeah like I'm going to spend my time driving all over town voting!!