Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Letter D

D is for Drama Queens

A Drama Queen is usually described as a diva, neurotic and self-centered.
Let’s face it; we all have encountered Drama Queens in some point in our lives. I know I have. There are many forms of Drama Queens. Some are rather funny to watch for sure, others not so funny.
The Funny Drama Queen……..There is a reality program on Canadian TV called Big Brother Canada (the idea borrowed from our American neighbours). Anyway, there is a player named Gary who if he doesn’t win the entire prize, should definitely win an award for being the best ever Drama Queen/Diva. You really should tune in if you can get it in your area. I’m sure he’ll give you many laughs. His Drama Queen/Diva moments are far too many to begin to list. Check him out on YouTube!
The irritating Drama Queen…… These are the Drama Queens that most people want to gag in order to shut them up. They are either complaining about how unfair life is to them or how they suffer emotionally and physically when something does not go their way. They seem to be suffering so much yet they post their moments on Facebook and blogs. I’ll admit I was following a few Drama Queens as they posted on both Facebook and blogs until I got tired and posted my own retort and then deleted them off my friends list. My post simply said “pull up those Big Girl Panties and move on!”
The Selfish Drama Queen…… These are the Drama Queens who expect the world to always revolve around them and make sure they are the center of everyone’s attention. They talk the talk, but they certainly don’t walk the walk. If people don’t fawn all over them and tell them exactly what they want to hear, they get upset and somehow turn things around to make others feel guilty that they have upset them. These are the ones that are usually insecure about whom they are and just need to be tolerated or ignored.
The Mean Drama Queen….. These people really need to get a life. They purposely look for things to pick apart on others. The spin their own tales of woe on others in order to make themselves look like the innocent party. They say and do things, twisting and spinning webs of meanness towards other people. The look for validation from others, hoping people will comment and agree with everything they say. I had a few of these people in my life that I finally had to cut all ties to since they wanted nothing but to spew hurtful words at others and purposely throw nasty innuendoes at others to keep the fire fueled. These people border on being a bully and need to be dealt with accordingly.


deathwriter said...

Dram Queens are fun to watch but not fun to be around. My 12 year old is a total drama queen. Drives me nuts. Hopefully it's just a passing phase.

Good luck with the A to Z!

JoJo said...

Wow do I know a lot of people who fit into those categories!!!! lol I've unfriended some on FB b/c their daily lives were such disasters and I grew weary of 'FML' and 'headdesk'. I also know of a very mean drama queen who is in so much pain and so angry that she has viciously lashed out at me and other people I know. Even going so far as to make up a fake B profile in her dead mother's name just to send me a horrible message, telling me how fat I've gotten and how my fiance' must be blind to be with me.

Sherry Ellis said...

Ha! I'll tell my own drama queen to pull up her big girl panties and move on!

HeatherL said...

I think everyone has a touch of drama in them, it's just a matter of what sets them off. I try very hard to be calm and bite my tongue when those around me get a bit out of hand. Like JoJo I've unfriended people on FB because of the crap they post about. Is there a "TMI Drama Queen" category because I think FB and Twitter are the perfect platforms for that!

Rhondi St. Onge Peacock said...

You know what I find? Most drama queens have some serious issues. I have far more male friends I trust than female; why? Mean women (AKA Drama Queens)suck!

Dana Martin said...

Nicely done! Stopping by on my rounds during the blog tour segment of the A-Z blogging challenge. Loved the "D" post and plan to return Friday for "E."

Keep up the entertaining work!

Waiter, drink please!