Friday, April 26, 2013

The Letter W

W is for Wrinkles

The dictionary defines a wrinkle as a small furrow or crease in the skin, especially of the face, as from aging or frowning. I don’t care what the definition is, I just hate having them. Yes I’m at that age where Mother Nature and Father Time get together and have a few laughs at my expense, but I think they could ease up just a wee little bit!

Take for instance the creases/wrinkles that have now adorned my forehead. There are 2 types of wrinkles that “decorate” ones forehead as they age. The first is called forehead rows, or those wrinkles that run straight across the forehead. The second is called frown lines, which are deep vertical wrinkles between your eyebrows that appear every time you frown. It really doesn’t matter what type of forehead wrinkles you have, these forehead “decorations” tend to make you look older or even angrier than you really are!

Then there are those wonderful lines that have decided to enhance my eyes. I did not ask for any enhancement but those little suckers decided to invite themselves and have made permanent residency at the corners of both my eyes. When I was a teen and decided it was not cool to wear glasses, my mother would always harp at me saying that squinting would give me wrinkles. Of course I rolled my eyes at her not believing a word she said, but now I’m not so sure. Could my squinting not only be the reason my eyesight got worse, but also invited those little suckers to appear sooner?

And last but not least. Who decided to call those deep crevices at the sides of my mouth laugh lines! There is nothing laughable about them. Now I for one think my lips are just fine and I really and truly feel that I do not need these parenthesis lines to draw attention to them.

Yes I know there are all sorts’ lotions, potions and creams that supposedly take care of these gifts of aging, but I have not found one that works. I even went so far as to listen to my older sister a few summers ago. She was blessed with being the dark haired one with skin that tanned, and even though she is a few years older than I am her wrinkles didn’t show as much. I’m the total opposite, I’m red-haired and very fair skinned and every crack, crease and crevice shows up even more on me. We had a huge family wedding that was going to be taking place and she suggested that since I was so self-conscious about my wrinkles that I should try the self-tanning cream to make my wrinkles less noticeable. My makeup just seemed to “fall between the cracks” so to speak so like a ninny I took her suggestion. I did purchase a can of the Spray on Tan and was amazed that there was enough to do not only my face, shoulders and arms, but I was able to do my legs as well! That was a huge mistake since I ended up with a nice “orange” tan on all exposed skin. I swear, if I had green hair I really would have been a human walking carrot and it certainly did NOT hide the wrinkles! I’m glad I did it a month before the wedding giving my “fake tan” a chance to go away.

I guess I’ll have to be like everyone else and live with the humour Mother Nature and Father Time has so graciously bestowed on me, besides I’ve figured out……….  


JoJo said...

I just try not to look too close in the mirror!!!

Morgan Katz said...

I like that frog picture!! :)

Morgan Katz said...

I like that frog picture!! :)

Kathy Wiechman said...

Nice essay on those horrid wrinkles that have invaded the faces of so many of us who aren't really all that old. You know some people have fat injected into their faces to get rid of wrinkles. I think it'll be cheaper to eat enough chocolate to fill out my wrinkles. Sounds like fun anyway.

Anne Mackle said...

Just think of them giving your face character. Look how silly these people look with their Botox and faces that can't move ,no one can tell what they're thinking with their plastic faces.