Monday, April 22, 2013

The Letter S

S is for The Stanley Cup Playoffs

Well here we are in a shortened season of NHL Hockey and the Stanley Cup race for a playoff spot is well under way. I’m pretty happy that my chosen team The Montreal Canadians have secured a spot in the playoffs although I’m not what you call a hockey fanatic. When my father was alive there was always a bet between his team and mine. He was a Toronto Maple Leaf diehard fan and him and I would always have our own little hockey pool. Of course he would insist that the Leafs would win so therefor I’d have to buy him dinner. It didn’t matter that the last Stanley Cup the Toronto Maple Leafs won was in 1969, my dad would predict his team would be the team to beat. There would always be a friendly debate between us and I would frequently irritate him by calling his team “The Toronto Make Me Laughs”.  1993 was the last time that the Montreal Canadians won the Stanley Cup and as of 2012; the Canadians are the last Canadian team to have won the Cup. Dad’s been gone almost 4 years now and this year since Toronto has claimed a spot in the Stanley Cup playoffs, I’m keeping a close watch on both teams.


JoJo said...

I'm not a huge hockey fan, but out west I followed the Canucks pretty regularly, and I took a lot of shit from my Bruins fan friends. The year I moved back the Nucks and Bruins were in the Stanley Cup finals and the Bs won. Needless to say, I haven't dared to wear my Nucks tshirt since I arrived back in MA! Having lived here b/f I know how passionate fans are about our teams! I get crap for liking the 49ers and Seahawks in addition to the Patriots too.

Ornery's Wife said...

We don't have a lot of hockey here in Oklahoma, but when my daughter was in high school she played inline roller hockey so was sort of drawn into the ice hockey sport as well. That was back when Wayne Gretzky was the man to beat and she had a jersey with his name on it. I have never seen an ice hockey game in real life or televised, but my husband says the definition is "a fight where a game breaks out." :)

Happy S day, and may your dad's team win the cup!

Sandy said...

Lost Mom 4 years ago, it's nice to have those memories, isn't it. Hubby is a hockey fan, I am less so now then I used to be. His family grew up in Detroit, his mother used to ride the train to Toronto for the back to back games...back when it was the org. teams only.

I'm sure you Dad is enjoying his team making it, hope they continue.

Tara Tyler said...

what fun posts!
yay for hockey & roller derby! i'm rooting for the roller derby moms on amazing race!
and i cant stand others touching my feet either, one pedicure before my wedding, hated it!

happy a to z!

Rhonda said...

When I lived in the states I was a Chicago Blackhawks fan. But that was a long time ago. Now, I don't follow hockey.

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