Monday, April 15, 2013

The Letter M

M is for Memories

Well here we are in the Middle of the A-Z Blogger Challenge. For Me it's been a Merry Mission and one that is giving Me Mountains of Marvellous blogs to read.

I have a place I keep my thoughts to precious to forget

A storage room within my head and the key locked in my heart

A street, a house, a neighbor, a friend, and even my childhood pet

Are all inside this storage room and I shall never part

My memories are the golden door of a past that is left behind

A time when I was not afraid to let my spirit wander

As time slips on and years go by, and friends they come to mind

My storage room is always there for me to look and ponder

I will slip away and reminisce behind that golden door

Sometimes I’ll smile, sometimes I’ll laugh, and sometimes I’ll even cry

I’ll look upon those memories, and know what I’ve been living for

A kiss, a hug, a smile, a laugh, is all that made me fly
And when I am old and turning grey, my glasses I’ll not need

I will open that door and go inside and look around with pride

For all my memories will be sitting there, pages I will not read

My life I’ll watch as the years turn back…. Like the rolling oceans tide.


sunday visitor said...

Nice choice of word for M. Lovely Blogpost!

Ornery's Wife said...

If I don't write them down, I am afraid I lose them. That is why I was a scrap book maker for so many years. I still love to look through all those memories. :)
Happy M day


JoJo said...