Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Letter R

R is for Roller Skates

Just the thought of these wonderful boots with 4 wheels and the rubber stopper on the toes brings back so many wonderful memories. Most times I would use the street in front of my house as my private roller rink, that is until we moved and the house we moved to was smack dab in the middle of a very steep hill. That’s when I had to start saving my allowance in order to be able to afford to go to the Civic Centre and join the countless others doing lap after lap around the rink to the sounds of rock music filling the Center.

I used to watch the Men’s Roller Derby competition and was more than excited when the Women started getting involved in this sport. I used to wonder what it would be like to be crashing, pushing and bull dozing my way around the track as others tried to do the same to me. I even made up my own scary name (Skyblade…I know it sounds like a really tough name!) to be known by when I transformed myself into a rough tough Roller Girl. That really didn’t last long though as I watched countless women getting body checked, tripped, and elbowed to the point that most surely would leave major marks on their body. I then began to concentrate more on my personal roller skating then wanting to be a Roller Derby girl.

 I spent a lot of time at the roller rink because let’s face it, I was a teenager and it was a good place to check out the guys, besides hanging out at the mall wasn’t really the thing to do back in the “olden days”.  Oh to be young and carefree on my roller skates again!


JoJo said...

I loved ice skating but I have never been on roller skates or blades. I was too afraid to fall.

Kathy Wiechman said...

I had/have enough trouble trying to be graceful in flat shoes. Kudos to you!
Kathy @ Swagger Writers

sue said...

I used to roller skate as a kid, just strapped on over shoes. Can't skate any more though

Deb Betz said...

Reading your post brought back great memories to me as well! Friday nights was roller skating nights when I was a teenager. I also remember watching womens roller derby with my grandmother. those ladies were ruthless!

Allyson Lindt said...

When I was ten or eleven, I saved up my allowance and baby sitting money for months to be able to buy my own pair of roller skates. Great memories associated with all of that, thank you for bringing them back ^_^
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EvalinaMaria said...

I have never tried, sounds like fun :)

Annis Cassells said...

Going skating was one of the big types of dates back in my day (the 1950s) Lots more than skating went on. We'd sit in the front window of our duplex as kids and watch as the teenagers next door came running out of their house, skates under their arms, and head out for fun. So envious.

Thank you.