Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Letter L

L is for Loonie

I know of 3 meanings to the word Loonie

1…. Loonie as in crazy……She’s as loonie as they come!

2…. Looney Toons. ……Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck…etc….

3….The Canadian Loonie….. The Canadian dollar coin

Of course since I am Canadian I’m talking about the Canadian dollar coin.

On June 30, 1987 as a cost-saving measure by the Government of Canada the Loonie one dollar coin was introduced and was instantly dubbed the "Loonie because of the Loon bird that adorned the back of the coin. Of course the Loonie was not immediately accepted. We bitched about the size of it and there were those who saw the loonie as a plot to ruin pant pockets and enrich the tailoring industry and the move to rename piggy banks as loonie bins never really caught on. It was eventually accepted as part of us Canadians and we think nothing of it now.

Fun Facts about the Canadian one dollar;

In 2008 a Canadian survey ranked the loonie higher in Canadian symbolism than maple syrup. The maple leaf was number 1.

In 1987 a Penticton boy thought it looked good enough to eat…the result….stomach surgery 4 days later….to cash out.

Eh, it's just another one of those Canadian things.


Rhonda said...

I thought you were going to write about crazies :) Interesting about the Canadian Loonie - too bad the kid had to have surgery.

Visiting from AtoZ #41

sue said...

and for T are you doing Twonies?

Shawn Yankey said...

I wish the loonie bin coin bank concept woulda caught on. That would have been awesome.

Al Penwasser said...

As you may know, we in the US are looking at getting rid of our penny because it takes more money to make it than it's worth.
Also, for some reason, people DO NOT like the dollar coins and prefer to hang onto the nasty paper bills.
Both of these are just plain loonie, if you ask me.

JoJo said...

Love the Loonies, but I really love the two tone Toonies best.

Dawn Marie said...

Canada has already done away with the penny. It is no longer given out in change and only a very few places take them as payment now. Everything is now rounded up or rounded down.

Laeli said...

Our coins make us unique, I like that.

Rhondi St. Onge Peacock said...

Great post. Will "T" be for Toonie? I know, how about Two Toonie Tuesday(s) at KFC?

Michael Offutt, S.F.A. said...

You loony Canadians.

Ornery's Wife said...

Loony Bins! HA HA!! :D

Interesting story.