Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Letter P

P is for Pedicure

I’m the type of person who if you touch my feet you run the risk of bodily harm. I really really hate my feet being touched so when I my daughter gave me a gift certificate for mother and daughter to have a full spa pedicure I was very apprehensive. I just could not get over the thought of someone else’s hands rubbing my feet, clipping my toenails, buffing my heels and then massaging my toes. That was just ewwwww to me. The certificate had as 4 month expiry date so I figured I had a bit of time to talk myself into it. It took a bit of time, but sandal weather was on its way so I figured why not. Wow, I have no idea why I hadn’t done this a very long time ago!

I was still apprehensive about someone touching my feet, but when I walked into the Spa it was like I walked into Shangri-La! The atmosphere was wonderful as the scent of incense greeted us when we walked through the door. There was soft instrumental music playing in the background and the décor just made you feel immediately relaxed. I was led into a room with a very inviting chaise lounge with a  large picture of a waterfall that had the soothing sound of water filling the room. My anxiety was slowly ebbing away.

I had the full treatment; the foot soak, scrub, massage, clipping, buffing, warm foot wax treatment, another buffing, than my toenails painted. By the time I was done and walked out of the spa, my feet didn’t feel like my own! I’ll be honest, it felt wonderful and now I go as often as I can.


JoJo said...

I'm like you with the feet thing. The only person who has ever rubbed my feet is my fiance', and it feels really good as long as I don't let myself get ticklish.

sue said...

so many things we finally do then wonder what took us so long..

Morgan Katz said...

I'm like you with the feet thing. I love pedicures, but I always wiggle involuntarily when they touch my feet. But it's always worth it in the end!

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Kathy Wiechman said...

My husband's feet are too ticklish to touch. He jumps & kicks. No pedicure for him.

Shawn Yankey said...

They look very cute!

Annis Cassells said...

I get one about every four weeks. Before I leave the salon, I schedule the next one. It feels great, and I'm worth it! Thank you. xoA